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Ladies and gentlemen, Sergio Martinez has a blog!

Please stop by and visit with Sergio, he's one of my favorite illustrators. His style, mood and classy images are second to none. I've got a bunch of his illustrated children's books.

Just click on Sergio Martinez to see this blog.


Abraham said...

Thanks! That's great news!

Anonymous said...

I love this guys stuff - I've been a fan since his pinnochio days .

Thanks .

Shuku said...

You just made my day with that link! Such loveliness!


robh said...

thanks! i had a scrap fie on this guy and now a blog! wonderful!

Ken Chandler said...

Thank you for directing me to his blog. His work is beautiful. I'll have to go back soon and get some inspiration. On that same thought I need to come back to your blog more often too. Really great stuff Marcelo. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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