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Dwarf Close Up

For those of you interested, here's a close up of the Dwarf I painted for World Of Warcraft.


Milenko said...

I really like the skin tones and color choices all together.
I wish I knew how to color.



Shuku said...

That's a -beautifully- beatific 'I loooooooooooooooove my beeeeeer' look. And yes, as Milenko said - the colouring is just gorgeous.

Right down to that red nose!

Is his name Rudolph? *ducks!*


Marcelo Vignali said...


Shuku, he's got the red nose 'cause he's getting sauced -- I was thinking of giving him a few gin-blossoms, but at the scale they were going to print it, I thought it wasn't worth the effort on my part.

Tom Kidd said...

Nice! I want to see Bulkus Wildborn (is that the correct name) up close now.

One day I may do a truly fully digital painting like you do but, for now, I have to have something that does the tricks I ask it to. I love watercolor too. The week after next I'll be starting a watercolor/miniature painting project. You'll see it on my blog of course.

Kyle Marshall said...

hahhaha, love the expression, and real nice work

Anonymous said...

I love it! Actually looks quite like a german dwarf from the south...;) Pretty good work, Marcelo! Saludos

Anonymous said...

Love the personality you put into your work Marcelo, great stuff!

Anonymous said...
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