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New Warcraft Illustrations

Here are a couple of images I did for Warcraft. If you collect the cards, or play the game, you might already own a few.

These are currently on sale now in the Dark Portal card game campaign.

I have to admit I don't play the card game, or play the computer game. I did play Warcraft II years ago, and that was hugely entertaining, but in Warcraft III the game changed and it wasn't the same. I've been wanting to find a Warcraft II game that will play on my OS 10.4.8. Maybe some of you know where I can find it. I would think it might get bundled with other Mac games.

The second image was a pretty odd illustration assignment. I had to paint a dwarf enjoying some grog. So, I thought it would be funny to make it look like a beer ad. I love my job, where else can I paint a beer ad for dwarves? I did a couple more illustrations that I'll be posting soon. I'm saving the best for last.


Shuku said... know, I don't play Warcraft any more for a number of reasons but I -want those cards-. They're -gorgeous-! And that beer ad for dwarves is just -great-, made me laugh very hard. It really fits the Warcraft universe well, both of 'em.

So good to see your work!


Henry Elmo Bawden said...

Nice, Great dwarf.

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice works!
The 'beer dwarf' looks amazing, his expression really unique and beautifully rendered!

the clownninja said...

yeah the beer dwarf is awsome, i like the momentum of the big fellar too. Looks like a couple of fun jobs.

Milenko said...

Only wish they were a bit bigger, so I can see (enjoy) the detail better.

Dwarf dude sure kicks ass.

Cheers to your work,



Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks you guys. I'm glad you all saw the humor in the dwarf beer ad.

Milenko, I'll see if I can go thorugh my files and post a detail from the original. I was lazy and grabbed these from the Warcraft web site.

Tom Kidd said...

Some scary and mouthwatering stuff today. Excellent work! What did you paint these with?

Oh, and it's Chinese, not Japanese, not that I would know the difference in the characters myself. The Chinese know how to print well too.

Marcelo Vignali said...


Both of these images were painted digitally. I haven't painted traditionally for a job in quite some time. I'd have to say it's been about five years since.

When I did paint traditionally, I usually painted my illustration work in acrylic, and my own personal studies in oil paints. Then, my traveling artwork was typically done in watercolor. I'd have to same my most favorite medium is watercolor, I just don't do very much of it nowadays.

Ken Chandler said...

Haven't been able to play Warcraft II since I unpgraded to OS 10, kind've a bummer. I too prefer it to the newer Warcraft 3, but we old timers do enjoy the old stuff. If you find a way to get it working (a patch or download) let me know. Of course you could always buy an old iMac (circa 2004-05) and play it on that. Just a thought.

Thanks for the comment too. Love what you're doing lately. Exquisite stuff!

Anonymous said...
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