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The Relics of Wakening

Here's another card I did for Warcraft. I'm putting up the German version because it's closer in color to the original, verses the card in English.

Here's a little insight into my process:
When I got the asignment, I was a little intimidated by the scope. I had to paint an elf and pet wolf inside a cavern, surrounded by giant bear-like furbolgs. The object of the card is overwhelming odds -- but the elf and wolf are up for the challenge. The text described the situation as a "sea of furbolgs." (That's a lot of painting!)

I typically start my assignments by sketching my first impression. Once I drew this composition -- with all it's complexities -- I realized this was the one to paint.


Craig Harris said...

Your paintings for these cards have been fantastic!! I have never considered even looking at those card til now. Now I want a whole set...Ha!! Thanks for sharing.

Milenko said...

Beautiful works:)
Once again, I wish the image was bigger. I missed elf completely first time arround, and then I had a second look and realised she was a very beautifull lady. I wish I could see her better:)
Cheers to your talent,



Shuku said...

They ain't called 'furbolgs' for no reason! The -sheddings- in that cave would make for an absolutely LOVELY scarf all spun out...

It's gorgeous. Scope, overwhelming odds, spunky elf, spunky wolf (with LOVELY FUR) and you know, I've also heard them called 'firbolgs' if you're going by White Wolf terminology. It's still 'fir' but pine needls instead...which wouldn't be as -effective- to paint!


Marmax said...

Looks great! Wouldn't want to be attacked by those guys!

CárcamO said...

La dramaticidad de esta escena es fantastica.
Linea y color impecable!!
felicitaciones !!
Un abrazo