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The Drawing Contest...

OK, here's a couple from an entire series of humorous cat sketches.

After my back surgery, my nine year old daughter and I sat around the table and had a drawing contest. We both started drawing cats, and she drew me right under the table! Her drawings were hilarious (I'll have to post some of her drawings). I was drawing one for every three of hers!

After which, I continued with the theme of cats and filled a sketchbook with ridiculous cat drawings.

Maybe a father/daughter book?


More Faeries...

Here's another faerie image.

I'm currently putting together a short comic book story with faeries, and I'm also compiling a bunch of faerie development sketches for a small sketchbook.


Luis Vignali RIP

I just want to let everyone know, my father Luis Vignali, passed away on February 12th of this year. It's one of those inevitable days every child dreads, but arrives nonetheless.

Dad was born in Buenos Aries in 1935, and then moved to the US in 1959. But, in 2004 he moved back to beloved country of Argentina.

I want to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. For those interested, you can see a photo montage of my dad's life on Vimeo. And, yes, you can see me in a few pictures. There's a few baby picturess, and a picture of me sleeping on his back, way back in 1967.

Click this LINK to check out the 10 minute video.

Oh, by the way, this picture was taken of my father in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1959.