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Into the Design Lab, with Marcelo Vignali -- FREE SAMPLE!

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Great artists throughout the ages have left their art lessons encoded in their works. In this series I deconstruct the artwork to find the compositional, story, and structural devices... as well as reverse engineer the thinking involved in creating their magnificent art.

 You don't know what you don't know, so it's hard to imagine what you're not aware of, so I've posted a free video lesson on Youtube to show you what you've been missing. It's a short 10 mins excerpt from one of the upcoming lessons, Into the Design Lab: featuring the work of Frank Frazetta

I want folks to know what they're getting in this series -- it will blow your mind. Into the Design Lab -- a Gumroad PREVIEW  It's an academic dissection of history's most indelible artwork. And it's free!

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