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Orphan Works Dead On Arrival

Thanks to all of you that wrote letters and contacted your congress persons. I believe it made the difference.

Shame on Senators Leahy and Hatch for trying to sneak this by. Write them a letter and let them know how you feel.


Erik D. Martin said...

Man, thank goodness it died when it did! Its scary how some bills can just sneak by!

Paul Lasaine said...

I love it when the good guys win!!!
Thanks Moe... for being one of the vocal ones spreading the word. I know I wrote to every senator I could find an e-mail address for, and wrote them several times...clogging their in-boxes. I'm sure I'm on some FBI watch list now:)

Laura said...

Thank you for all the links and keeping us posted!

Adam Kaszycki said...

I'm def opposed to this bill in its current form, but there are some positives (the bill just needs to be amended or redrafted):

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks everyone, for contacting your congress-persons. It make the difference.

You are right, it is scary.

Thanks Paul, thanks for making all the calls and sending out the emails. By the way, I never got a single response from any of them.

Thanks Laura.

You are right, but if their strongest argument is for teachers, librarie, and historical research, then why don't they make the law apply to teachers, libraries and historical research.

Mehdi Shiri said...

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Mark McDonnell said...

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Anonymous said...
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