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Here's an image I did a few years back for a gaming company. I can't remember which game the design was for, but the creation of the character, clothing and motorcycle were left up to me.

This is where all those figure drawing classes come in handy. No reference was used for the figure.



Mark McDonnell said...

Impressive Mr. Vignali. . . . .makes a grown man hungrrrry.


chromasketch said...

nice work

Urban Barbarian said...

This may be my new favorite art blog!!!

Miras said...

Hey! Have you got her phone number?
And now seriously: I like your works. The Lady, wetern scene, and whale, too.
I have spotted your whale postcard at Mr. McDonnell's place, and it dragged me here...
I have added your blog to my RSS feed ;-)

Lee-Roy said...

I would guess that you have very vivid fantasies. You really captured the, um, volumes... quite well.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks guys! That's one of those jobs where you feel guilty taking the money. The assignment was to draw a sexy leather-clad woman on a motorcycle. It doesn't get better than that.