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Marcos Mateu Artwork at EL PACIFICO!

You're looking at a beautiful painting by Marcos Mateu that we have posted at

I know it was my turn to do the next installment for El Pacifico, but since I've been swamped as of late, I just couldn't do it. So, Marcos and I did a collaboration on this one. I had roughed out a page, and Marcos was kind enough to work up the image. Wow, I was blown away at the artwork (better than I could have done). Go and check out the full page!

Marcos and I talked about where we would like to take the story, and we've come up with some pretty fun (unconventional) ideas that will take it out of the historical, and move it into the fantasy...without going into full fledged Pirates of the Carribean territory. (Not that we don't like that film, but we certainly don't want to do what's already been done.) To do this, we've added another character, an evil Cardinal to battle with the humble Friars!

Don't forget to check in on El-Pacifico from time to time to see where the story goes.


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I really liked this one.