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I thought this image appropriate for the anniversary date. A friend of mine just went to the Joseph Christian Leyendecker show and said it was well worth the trip to see it. The show is going to be traveling around, so it would be a shame to miss if it comes by your town.

For those of you that don't know who is he is, J.C. Leyendecker was the premiere illustrator for the first half of the last century. Essencially, the most emulated and respected illustrator of the golden era of illustration. Check out his biography at:

Here are some blogs with photos!



Thanks for sharing this Marcelo, I hope it travels here in our area!

Hans said...

Great great great great stuff!!! I really hope the show comes around my way at some point. I could stare at it for hours:)

Thanks for sharing.


Shuku said...

Leyendecker ROCKED. And still does! I only wish I could've gotten to go see that exhibition (it'd have been much, much more than 700 miles, that's for sure). But I can look at the pictures online now and dream about growing up to draw Just Like That.

The internet rocks that way sometimes. :)


sexy said...
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