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Here's one from the Vignali Vaults. I found an old disk with some drawings I did for Disney's Brother Bear.

During this period I was living in Utah and was working as a freelancer for Disney. It was a good time in my life. My daughter was four years old and she would play in my studio as I worked at my drawing board.

Anyhow, I saw this image and remembered how much I enjoyed drawing it, so I thought you all might like to have a look at it. By the way, this was not printed in the making-of book for Brother Bear -- and Disney has the original.

I drew this one one with Prisma Pencil on tracing paper, hence the ripple when I scanned it. The moisture of my hand buckled the paper just a bit.

(Simon Rogers came by and looked over my shoulders and said I was cheating by posting this old stuff. He was just kidding of course, but how fortunate I am to have such talent around me! I have Simon Rogers, Armand Serrano, Noelle Triaureau, Marcos Mateu and Jed Henry -- who's work you can see posted on Blogger -- in the very same building along with me.)


Anonymous said...

Marcelo always the best. Love it. A beautiful drawing. It reflects family. Single parents in particular.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Marcelo, it's always great to see your artwork, old or new :)

Unknown said...

stunning and beautiful. Dang that's sweet!

Joe said...

So nice. I love it.

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful Marcelo. Great draftsmanship, character, lighting/mood. Wonderful.


Marcos Mateu said...

Great textures, great lighting!

andrew said...

this is great, the mammoths are very well designed and believable.

I'm always impressed by the way you show changes in planes(ex..on the baby mammoth's face)


Philip Dimitriadis said...

Wow!!! Freaking awesome. Beautiful...
great values... I love it!!

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Tatevik Avakyan said...

Amazing drawing, great execution and character. I always love any of your posts and this is no exception.

alf said...

what a simple pencil can do...fantastic!