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Marcos Mateu

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Marcos is one of the most talented people I've ever had the great fortune of working with. His skill and design sense for composition and drama are at the very best in the industry. I've never met his equal! Marcos has the style and confidence of the best European comic book artists, and the flair of a virtuoso...and he's a great guy to have around the studio.

Unfortunately for me, and even more unfortunate for Sony, Marcos is leaving Sony for a better deal at Dreamworks. I would like to wish my good friend lots of luck and continued success. YO...respeck!

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Marcos Mateu said...

D'OH! Thanks Mo!

It's been a true pleasure to work with you guys these last two years and three months.
Honoured also by being part of the 'Sketchclub', learning at both an artistic and personal level. Couldn't be otherwise with you gang around.
Having said that, it's a fact that we'll see each other soon and have the fun again, the fun that means drawing and sharing good moments and conversations at any time and occasion.

Most definitely, -thanks-.