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Hand Drawn Postcard

Here's a hand drawn postcard I drew out for a friend. I drew it with ink and marker.

Years ago I used to play this game with my art friends where I would mail them a hand drawn/painted postcard, and they would return in kind. I figured it was a way I could trade art with my art friends, do something productive with my doodles, and have some fun in the process.

Alas, it worked great in theory, but as time went by I realized I was the only one playing. Some would just get busy with life, and the cards would stop coming. A lot of other artists were so self critical, they felt intimidated that their work wouldn't be as nice as what I mailed them, and this would cause them to procrastinate and never send a card. That was the biggest shame, because that was never my intent. I never wanted this game to cause anxiety -- but heck we're nutty artists, I guess we all have hang-ups.

I didn't mind that some cards would get damaged, that was part of the fun. I considered it the patina of having traversed some great expanse. These banged up cards really felt like they had travelled. And, some cards would never get to their destination! Lost in the mail! Or, part of a postman's collection somewhere.

Some cards arrived from far away places, while others were simply from where ever these artists lived. I managed to send a few out while I was on vacation, but most were sent from where ever I was living.

The fun part was mailing cards with different sizes. I got a wooden postcard from one friend. It was hilarious. The simple fact is, if you put enough postage on a rock, you can mail that too!

The postcard game was fun while it lasted. This particular thank-you card was an opportunity to hand draw out a post card like the ol' days, and send it along. This time, no game -- just a thank-you.


Bob Nelson said...

that sounds like fun. also, it has even more appeal in these digital days. one hardly ever receives anything in the mail that isn't a credit card offer or a stack of bulk mailings. very cool! also, thanks for posting comments on our blog, you're the only one who ever does :)

Unknown said...

I love that idea! I was at the art store a couple of months ago and saw that Windsor-Newton puts out ready-to-send postcards and "trading cards" you could trade with other artists. I picked up two stacks of the little trading cards for my vacation trip. The papers come in different colors and types too!

Brian Churilla said...

wow. nicey done. cool idea too.

Kactiguy said...

I think it's a great idea. The one you've shown here is very cool too.

Marcos Mateu said...

I love the idea and the execution!
Very, very nice.

Mark McDonnell said...

You are far more than an amazing talent!


JeN said...

What a cool idea!! I always liked getting hand-written letters in the mail.. this is so much more fun. :)
Lovely design too, by the way. The woman in the coat below is classic.

Marco Bucci said...

Awesome drawing. Creative way of showing the effect that the ripples have on the light!

RAWLS said...

Sounds like a cool idea. There's always something nice about getting non-digital mail. Great work my friend!!!

Lena said...

Hello dear Marcelo!Forgive me,I have received your letter only today! You have vritten very gentle letter, and I am very gratefulto you.I always remember you,I have very much grown fond at once of your sincere soul.I congratulate you Happy New Year!! Thanks that verses have written to me, I very much love poetry! I embrace you!! Elena. Moscow.
Я очень тронута проникновенностью стихов, и их смыслом! Вы чудесный человек.

Ken said...

Hi Marcelo, thankyou for dropping by my blog and for the kind words, it means a lot.

I have certainly heard of Ken Anderson, his reputation precedes him! I always thought it would have been a novelty and an honour to meet him and learn from him, but alas it wasnt to be. Perhaps one day I will be as talented as he obviously was, and live up to this name :)

Also, I like your postcard idea, I may try it myself with willing friends

Lubomir said...

Nice design!

TH3DEN said...

thanks for dropping by and the kind words marcelo! :)

your art is great and there's so much motion in your drawings! i especially like the skateboarder.

on another note, yes, the movie is called unico and it might be a little hard to find. actually the version i watched was japanese and had no subtitles, never the less i was taken in by the movie and the story was simple enough to follow without words! :D i'm sure your kids would love it though.

to end my rant you've inspired me to draw and i will be back here often! :D is it cool if i add you to my blog roll??

Jamal O said...

ThanQ Marcelo,

This is really beautiful. Very much
enjoy how her head is just barely out
the water, and the subsequent ripples :)

Happy New Beer

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm glad you liked the drawing.

Bob, Jen, Rawls, me too, I like getting letters in the mail. I even had several ink stamps, parchment papers, and wax stamps I would use in my letters.

Edwin, yes, I saw those too. They're a little small to send through the mail, but I imagine if you put a stamp on it, it should go...provided it doesn't get "lost."

Thank you Lena. You are a very sweet spirit.

Ken, I'm glad you're going to give the post card game a shot. If you want to drop me a card, I'll respond in kind. Just send it to:
Marcelo Vignali
PO BOX 5035
TORRANCE CA  90510-5035 

Th3den, I've already been poking around to see if I could find a DVD of unico. The reviews are also good...lots of fans.

Billy George said...

Great idea.
This one has a Berni Wrightson quality...not sure why I think that. nicely done.

Chris Bivins said...

Hey Marcelo, really cool post. I like the post card idea. I'll send you one for next Christmas.


Unknown said...

Very cool idea, just like everyone else said! *S* Hope that you manage to get it happening again with someone as it's too much of a good idea with, i think, i nice spiritual and full of friendship side to it! :)

Marc said...

Nicely done. I love the graphic ripples. I have always enjoyed working on toned paper. These postcards are a great idea.

Bojana said...

A great idea...and lovely artwork too:)

jason hazelroth said...

man you can draw. really great figures

Don Murphy said...

That is a beauty!

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Very nice!