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RIC ESTRADA February 26, 1928 - May 1, 2009

Ric Estrada has passed away. He declined rapidly over the past week as a result of advanced prostate cancer, to which he no longer responded to treatment. This had been an ongoing battle for Ric. Nearly all his children were by his bedside as he crossed over yonder to where the tree of life is in eternal bloom.

I met Ric while living in St. George Utah, and have been living in the riches of having met him. He was truly alive, in every sense of the word, from the sparkle in his eyes to that warm smile he embraced everyone with.

Family Memorial Donation Suggestion
Ric loved every person he ever met and all people. He believed in the possibilities for all of his friends, those he had met and those he hadn't met yet, desiring to help all to improve their circumstances. For any who wishes to do so please donate to the humanitarian fund at  100% of the funds go to meet needs worldwide. Be sure to indicate that you are making a donation to the humanitarian fund so that your contribution will be used solely for humanitarian needs. You may also indicate that this a memorial donation for Ric Estrada.


Jarrett said...

Love your style. Those pencil warriors below rock!

Chris Bivins said...

I wasnt familiar with his work but his work is amazing. I would to go back and find more of his work.


Ken Chandler said...

Ric was a real humanitarian, as well as a fabulous illustrator. He will be missed in so many ways. Thanks for this tribute to his memory.

I look forward to seeing him again someday.