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Click Here to view the recent interview I did with Bobby Chui of

It lasts about an hour.


Alyssa said...

This is a great interview and it's so inspirational. Thanks so much for the good advice!

Unknown said...

this got passed around work and cant express enough how awesome it was to watch.

Thanks so much for all inspiration and keep on doin what you do!

Anonymous said...

This is so great!!! It reminded me of my years of High School when I first listen to you and met you. You are an inspiration to any artist who has cross your pat.


Daniel said...

That's a very inspiring video filled with lots of wisdom. It's really helped me. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

God bless you

Chris Bivins said...

awesome interview. i feel kinda bad cause there was a lot about you i didnt know and never thought to ask. really informative and gave a lot of perspective that i didnt realize about myself before. definitely one of the most dense and honest interviews ive heard from an artist i admire in a long time. probably even ever! lol really good and i thank bobby chui for putting it together too. take care and god bless


Peter Song said...

all your works are so beautiful sir!

Manoj a menon said...

i can very well see that everybody has so much to say about the video..
but i have the most to say..
your 1 hr spent on chiustream was one of the best ) learning that i have had in my life !!!

this may sound a bit like 'false modesty' but it will make perfect sense if you put yourself in my shoes, thousands of miles away in a remote city somewhere down south india where we dont have much artschools and design centres and people would stare at you like you are eternal sinners when you have a young chap coming forward and saying that he wants to be an artist!!!

thank you so much for all that was said ..well you didnt teach me how to hold the pencil 'this way' or which paper to use if i would have to have achieve a specific effect...bit ... it was awesome..

one among ten may actaully think of drawing
one among ten may actually think of making his/her career out of it
one may thousands would actually go ahead and do it..
but one among million would actually have the guts to open up their heart..

congratulations for having such a beautiful mind to speak so originally..
my lord give you sheer energy to live a happy life..

but one day when he calls you back.. i will make my prayers to ensure that you will get that 'extra' pair pair of wings for making this fabulous interview.

thanks marcelo..
and bobby ( you are as awesome a person as you art is..)

never had the chance to attend an artschool ( never had the money to afford it)
but then i always wanted to do it..
i agree "journey is more fun than destination"
would be a real big thing to have guys like you come and visit my works at

feel free to pour your comments.
dunno if its ok to ask
and can i see the previs work that you guys have done for planet of the apes?
cant enter since i need to be permitted.

thanks for reading

thanks a ton..

Sam Nielson said...

Glad you posted this here, I've tried to forward it to every artist I know.

Elio Lischetti said...

Hi Marcelo!
I have just discovered your art recentely when I logged on Schoolism for the first time....and I soon went on to search your website which I find very inspiring! This interview with Bobby Chiu was so enjoyable! I was just happy to hear you talk about your own experience and share your thoughts about the whole animation industry.

Paul Shardlow said...

Very nice, but what I want to know is, who is the guy standing behind you? X

JRtist said...

Sensational Interview and thank you for doing it man. Very inspirational and educational to say the least.


Very inspiring as always Marcelo, thank you for sharing it!

Marcos Mateu said...

PHENOMENAL interview Marcelo. Fantastic, not a second wasted. Wasn't expecting less anyhow! :)

Ken Chandler said...

Great interview Marcelo. Wish I'd heard this years ago. I've been feeling pretty impatient lately... something to work on. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Look forward to seeing what you post in the near future.

Lubomir said...

Hey Marcelo, a very insightful interview. You guys covered some very interesting topics. Thank you!

Amrinder Singh Nagi said...

when i saw this interview, something resonated very strongly inside that thsi peron knows what im trying to do.So far iv met with alot of failures but i don want to give up and be victim of that weeding process and so i press on hoping to achieve that bereaking point someday

Marc said...

Amazing, honest and insightful interview Marcelo. Thanks so much for getting right to the heart of things and sharing your insights. I find this so much more inspiring than simply seeing "technique" videos. This really confirms my belief that you have to find a way to enjoy the journey, or you will never appreciate reaching your goals.

Bob Nelson said...

Great interview! You are an inspiration as always! You really have a way of rekindling the art drive in my belly. Thanks for sharing your passion and wisdom with us, Marcelo!

Don Carson said...

Really great Moe! Nice to see your face.

abhishek singh said...

was amazing to hear your views !
nice to have met you online friend!
i liked the blend of extreme loyalty towards art but still keeping it light where you work attitude

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all of that inspiration and your time. It was awesome.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks so much for all your warm and wonderful comments.

Alyssa, Daniel, Elio, JRtist, Nicolas, Marcos, Bob, Don, P.J. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

GhettoFab, it was passed around my work too, but for reasons of humor! One of the guys found it on Bobby's site and emailed it to the department. I had some funny cartoons made of me.

Dalton, it's amazing to consider how much time has passed. I may look older, but I hope my words are still the same.

Biv, I'm glad you found it informative.

Thanks Peter.

Manoj, I'm so flattered and humbled by your response to my interview. I think it resonated with so many people because it illustrates that we are all linked in a common bond with each other through this compelling force we call our passio. No matter your background, location, or education, you learned that you and I are really not that far apart -- nor that different from each other.

Sam! So you are partly responsible for getting the word out. Thanks.

Paul, the guy behind me is the Grim Reminder (brother of the Grim Reaper). He stopped in to visit just before my spinal surgery on Dec 14.

Ken, patience is a tough thing to learn. That's why I said I would give myself advice I probably wouldn't have heeded.

Lubomir, I have to agree Bobby did a sensational job in covering broad subjects that were ultimately more interesting than an anatomy or technique lesson. Kudos to Bobby for putting that together.

Amrinder, that's the spirit! Just, don't make yourself miserable if you don't end up where you expected to be. Remember the journey is part of the destination -- have fun along the way and make other's happy.

Well said Marc! Arminder, I think Marc summed it up well.

Abhishek, isn't the blogosphere wonderful? From half way around the world, I could chat to online friends like you as though you me and Bobby were sitting at your kitchen table.

And, a special thanks to Bobby!

Boris Andreev said...

Great interview Marcelo!
Have a Sweet Christmas!

Cheers from Vancouver,

Kendra Melton said...

I guess I'm a little behind in the times, I'm in the process of listening to the interview right now.

The emphasis on "It isn't negotiable" totally hit home with me. I graduated this past May and I've pretty steadily gone to two figure sessions a week since then. All of which i post on my blog partially for self fulfilling accountability.
I've met a bunch of artists since moving to LA who are trying to make it in the industry and I try to get them inspired and to come to sessions or to the zoo and some don't even show up. It's sad for me to see them kind of roll over but it makes me push even harder and be more driven. I save all my money to attend drawing sessions. When I lived in Marina Del Rey I would leave my house at 5 to arrive at 7 to a specific drawing session. I've not eaten on day long zoo trips so I could save money for sessions, art books, and to eventually maybe attend some new classes at The Animation Guild or Entertainment Art Academy.
I've even woken up dreaming about drawing. It's crazy, the more I draw the more I want to draw.

I'm on a mission lol. An exciting life long adventure :]

Sorry for such a long response I've just been really touched by what you said and it makes me feel even more confident that I'm on if nothing else on the right track. And anytime people get me inspired about art I could talk for hours.
Thank you SO much for sharing your time for us dreamy eyed artists.

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