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Topper posts some of my drawings...

Topper Helmers is a friend of mine, and we used to work together at WDI in the early 1990s. As customary for those days -- as the young man in the studio -- I was prone to doing joke drawings for my coworkers. What ever was happening that was current was usually fodder for me. I loved sending these via interoffice mail -- this made boring interoffice mail fun.

Some of the drawings are just roughs I would use to create some of my designs, and some are just doodles I would give Topper when he showed an interest in a particular sketch. And, some where just inside jokes. (Gosh, I had completely forgotten about most of them till I saw them again.)

My friend Topper has posted some of the drawings I gave him on a web site/auction site. And, if you twist his arm, I'll bet he'd even sell a few. He's a huge collector of art, and he's got some amazing artwork in his collection.

You might be wondering why all the red-head jokes, heh...well, he had a thing for red-heads. Topper also kept pressuring me to do a comic book, so I teased him with this sketch.

Go to Topper's Page to check out these sketches from nearly 20 years ago.


craig said...

that made my day. awesome

tiffannysketchbook said...

red heads are certainly more awesome to paint. I get terrified when I have to paint a blonde model. Blonde is hard. Dark hair is easier too but cant get that nice vibrancy of red hair. this is a very nice drawing :) I love it when you update.

Ted Blackman said...

Gosh darn-it! That was the height of my joke-drawings-for-co-workers era and we were at different studios. #%!#**#!!

Nice collection. I like the true redhead figure model one. Ewwwww.