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Sony Pictures Animation - Visual Development Portfolio Tips

Interested in applying to Sony Pictures Animation's Visual Development Department? Want to know just what we're looking for and how to make your "book" leap off the page? 

Sony Pictures Animation asked good friend and production designer Michael Kurinsky, and myself, what is it we are looking for when reviewing portfolios and making hiring decisions.

Click this link to see our Youtube Video.


Noel said...

Thanks for the link.

Tegan Clancy said...

Fantastic advice! I'm going to focus on quality not quantity for CTN this year!

Mary Highstreet said...

Hi Marcelo! I'm a big fan and admirer, thank you so much for the advice & continual advice!! I'm gleaning everything I can - in hopes to join the industry one day soon. Had the privilege of hearing you speak at Concept Design Academy in 2009, since then, you've been a huge inspiration to me! Many, many thanks! -Mary

Charles Santoso said...

That's invaluable, Marcelo! Thank you for sharing that. :)

Hope all is going great at your end. All the best!

- Charles

Hildegarde said...