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Cats are never domesticated

I'm still playing around with this funny cat idea.

I've had cats nearly all of my life, and they are amazing personalities to live with. I don't really feel like they are truly domesticated, but rather to live with a cat is to have a complicated relationship with someone.

They certainly have a mind of their own, regardless our plans or expectations we attempt to have for them.


Peter Oedekoven said...

I know that look :) I had big "fights" with my wives cat...the day the cat peed in ALL my shoes was the day I realized that the cat and I just had different viewpoints...especially about shoes:)
Great concept Marcelo !!!!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Oh yeah, if you get mad at them, they will find something you enjoy and pee in it, shred it, or poop on it.

If you make them mad, it's like living with a vindictive ex-girlfriend. They'll get you back, you just don't know when. And, they're give you that glare, "Oh yeah, you got it coming mister."

Peter Oedekoven said...

Exactly!....keep your idea alive ..they have so much to offer, those idiosyncratic ( just found that word in the dictionary:)) fur balls.

Ted Blackman said...

Is that going to be the name of the book? A book project, right?

Ted Blackman said...

Comment moderation AND captcha?? Why not just turn off 'allow anonymous comments'. That stopped my spam for good and I dont need to make people prove theyre not a robot.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are owned and stick around.
Cats visit and take what they want.