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Mini-flyweights, 105 pounders...they make the ring card girls look big!

I'm a huge boxing fan, having laced the gloves in my younger years.

The lighter weight fighters are the most entertaining to watch, because they move so fast. It's like watching squirrels fighting over a bucket of espresso beans, in fast-forward.


LocoGaming said...

Hi Marcelo!
I love the boxer!
I've contacted you a while back on buying your twoo booklets about your fractal method figure drawing. They were both sold out on NgStuartbooks and sthey still are. I wonder if I could buy then directly from you? (pdf files of them are just fine!) I can pay up front with Paypal.
I'm really interested in learning your method as I only have access to model drawing sessions without any teacher supervision. (These are 2 hour sessions where everyone can draw as they wish).
Thank you!

Marcelo Vignali said...

I'll check with Stuart Ng again. However, the first book may be out of print.

LocoGaming said...

Thanks! :)

Marcelo Vignali said...

They should have the books at Stuart Ng.