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Check out the latest memory sketch at sketchclub, and see how they compare. I had a sneak peak at Marcos' sketch (don't worry, I wasn't cheating ... I already had my sketch done), and it's a good one.



Miras said...

Oh, yes Miss Law, I will obey! Nice job!

Jeremy Spears said...


Man your figure drawings are BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad your posting your artwork on your own blog. I've been checkin in on ya and I finally decided, man I got to link this guy! So your linked to my exciting. Thanks for the remarks, I've been using Digital to color my character stuff lately, I think your right about holding a piece of art in your is so much thing I've said before is that a digital drawing can never be an can never hold it in your hands and this is the "original". A digital is always a PRINT, and as cool as it is and how fast it is, you still lose that, you know what I mean? Anyways, long comment here, have a good one!


Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

I love the work that you do very inspiring !!!!!

donnachada said...

Lovely. Nice shapes.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful drawings ! I had seen your website before, and your blog has made me renember it.

Figure drawings are just great, and your cartoon ones are incredible, too !

Jeremy Spears said...

Thanks Marcelo, we are all beautiful people!

Last night I was looking through one of my favorite books...Imagineering(the one with all the artwork), I just have to tell you one of my favorite pieces in the book, is the one with the melting snowman was one of the pieces that made want to get the book, that and the Marc Davis stuff! I'm honored you would link me to your blog, thanks man!


Unknown said...

WOW!! Great works!! YOu have been posting a lot of amazing drawings and illustrations! Love them all!

Marcelo Vignali said...


I'm flattered that you found some of my work in the Imagineering book. Yep, that drawing has a funny story too.

I was working on Disney's Blizzard Beach themed water park for Florida, and the producers of the project kept rejecting my designs. They had these rules about what they wanted to see, and what they didn't want to see ... but they weren't communicating those rules to those of us doing the art. Only after the fact would they tell us if we were in the ball park. It was a difficult assignment because I wasn't sure what the parameters were.

So, I did a silly drawing of a tourist family of snowpeople melting in the Florida sunshine. Well, need I say more, they loved it, they built it, and it was printed in the Imagineering book.


A. Riabovitchev said...

Great!I like you blog very much.:o)