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Sunny St. George

Ah, Little Dixie! This city was founded by Mormon pioneers, in the 1850s, as a cotton mission -- hence the nickname, Dixie.

We're sitting up on the red cliffs in Pioneer Park, overlooking St. George proper and the Mormon Temple. There are caverns that were used as homes by the settlers all over these rocks.

It was 107 degrees Fahrenheit, but not when we took this picture. We waited till the sun went down when we snapped this one, however it was probably still over 100 degrees!

When we lived in St. George I would take my daughter out to this park for a little climbing and picnic. Now, almost five years later, I brought her back up here for a little trip down memory lane. She was almost six when we left, but she still remembered things remarkably well.

The very next day we visited the Calico Ghost Town.


Mark McDonnell said...

Wait a minute here. You're too young to have a child that old. I think between you and Richie there is a toss up of the unaged . . .


Brandon said...

Hey, I've been there before! Beautiful pic.

Jed Henry said...

Caverns? Cool. reminds me of that Grateful Dead song, Friend of the Devil: "I ran into the devil, he loaned me twenty bills
I spent the night in Utah in a cave up in the hills."

Sounds like a great vacation.

Jo Bling said...

Ahhh, Ghost Towns. We don't get any cool crap like that in the UK. Must be cool, hope you had a fab time.

S.T. Lewis said...

Hey... I'm from there! In fact, the last time I saw you was at the post office there. I had to move north because of 107-degree days. Still looks pretty in pictures, though.

That's the worst word verification ever... "gpgqjqp." Yikes.

Bob Nelson said...

good ol' saint george! that road is much more busy now that they fixed it up. what's that restaraunt near the calico ghost town? peggy sue's or something like that. great pie.

Marcos Mateu said...

You got yourself some family Mo!
Nice shot btw

Urban Barbarian said...

I could use a vacation! I'm glad you're able to escape for a while! The Ghost Town sounds very fun!

BTW, I didn't do any Pirates of the Caribbean work, you may have me mistaken for someone else. I wish I would of worked on some of their merchandise though!

Can't wait to see more art from you!

Shuku said...

Marcelo! That's a beautiful shot of you and your daughter. I hope you had a great break and that is some -wonderful- view there in the background...that's one place I wasn't able to get anywhere near my time out in the Americas. Utah, and the states around it. I'll have to remedy that sometime.

Free at last!

Bob Nelson said...

marcelo! i sent you an email about a week ago or so. i don't know if i have your current email. shoot me your address, and i'll resend!

thanks! bob