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The Lost Art of Disneyland's Toontown

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 Did you know that part of the Roger Rabbit Ride queue line and pre show at Disneyland was going to be outdoors?

Yep! It was the 1990s, and I was one of the four principal designers of Disneyland's Toontown, and the lead designer for the Roger Rabbit Ride.

(I found hard copies of these drawings in an envelope, inside my flat file while looking for images to put in my website, )

The assignment was tricky, I had to figure out how to entertain the people in line, without audio animatronics that move... because all that circuitry can't be exposed to the weather or temperature changes. Everything needed to be a static visual gag, so I created a series of drawings that worked as funny gags... but would entertain the guests by allowing them to use their imagination to piece together the happenings... like a detective. So, I designed this queue line to look like an old 1940s construction site.

We needed to create a queue line, but rather than just have a standard queue line I found a way to thematically use the water tower's pipes to get-crazy and create the various stanchions that separate the guests in order to weave them around. What if the stanchions themselves are part of the theme, and guests were in it? 

Eventually, the queue line was moved indoors, and we have the queue that exists today. So naturally none of these ideas were built, and I might add none of these drawings have seen the light in 30 years. Enjoy

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