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The Reason Why ToonTown Was So Special For Me

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ToonTown was a really special project for me because I was able to participate at multiple levels all the way through the process. Typically, someone will be asked to come on board a project, and participate in one thing. It's part of the problem I have with the industry in that it is so compartmentalized. 

To give you a run down on my participation, I started as one of the four principle designers for ToonTown -- and the youngest member of the team -- that launched the project for Disneyland in Anaheim. I did designs for several buildings in the town, designed the ToonTown Trolley, was the lead designer for the Roger Rabbit Ride, did the show set drawings for many of the dimensional props...including the Benny the Cab that sits in front of the Roger Rabbit Ride and greets the guests as they come in, and ultimately illustrated the ToonTown silkscreen poster for Japan... where I combined all those elements in one painting.

This allowed me to work in architecture, animation design, character design, set design, show set design, and finally illustration. Painting the ToonTown poster for Japan was like a cherry on top to a wonderful experience. 

As an artist I find the entire creative process engaging, and fortunately ToonTown was one of those projects that allowed me to participate at multiple levels. 

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