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Whale of a Promo Card


When I was freelancing from Utah, advertizing was part of what I had to do to rustle up work. I created this image to use as a promo card and mailed it around to potential clients. I also sent this to some publishers in New York in the hopes of getting some illustration work.

During the Golden Age of Illustration, black and white illustrations were used to illustrate a lot of the novels of that era. I thought this image evoked some of the romance and drama of that by-gone era. Well, suffice it to say, I didn't get any work from New York .... now I know why we don't see this type of imagedry, plain and simple they don't want it.



Mark McDonnell said...

These are great Marcelo. Congrats on having your own Blogsite now. You are quite a talent, it's nice to see a sample of your work aside from the character studies at Sketchclub.

Your control over tone and lighting is wonderful Marcleo, I have always seen that in your work. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well.


Martin Wittig said...

I'm glad that I found your Blog! Thanks to Mark Mcdonnell who highlighted your work on his blog.Your work is amazing! I will definitely be back!

Sean Hayden said...

Your blog is fantastic, especially this picture. Looking forward to more posts!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from you all as I post more stuff.

I'm going to try and reciprocate and link up with lots of other pros. Thanks Mark for the link.


Philip Dimitriadis said...

Marcelo- this is such a wonderful piece of work. It is my favorite. It reminds me of the cover of a illustraion story book that my grandfather used to read to me. Incredible values. Great work!!!

samwilliams said...

It's so shocking that an illustration of this caliber doesn't garner the appreciation it deserves. What a pity.

Marvelous piece Marcelo.